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>> they get started as they kick off against the cincinnati bengals. as is always the case, there is a tremendous swell of energy and critics dictations. this year, the emotions are tempered by the recent passing of art modell. the team will honor art modell with a video of trivia. players are having t-shirts that have his tportrait on the front. he shared a deeply personal moment, the last minute he spent with the former owner. >> bring to play our best. and he gave me his biggest response. he looked at me like -- those
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eyes were going right at me, like, you betterl -- you better. >> that quiet energy is what he will carry into tonight's game. quiet is not the word we expect to apply to the fans as the crowd fills the stadium. this town is fired up. >> it is so awesome courage i am having fun with my tailgating friends including the master of tailgating, wanda. >> we of macaroni and cheese, pulled the chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob, turkey burgers, hot dogs, italian sausage, hamburger, fried fish, chicken, deviled eggs,. a salad, and i also have some
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coleslaw. i did not bring in a desert. we have dessert as well. -- out of annapolis and we love tailgating. as you can see, there are people all around and we're on the corner of hamburg and russell. we love this season. we're looking for tonight that we cannot wait for the ribbons to bring us a win. >> thank you. we're going to get some food. we have so many people tell us about their favorites. >> terry yukiya chicken and steamed shrimp and some subs in the car waiting for the sun to go down.
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we have some refreshments and a bunch of other people coming so we have a girl set up. you never know who might bring what. >> we have a good time. >> we're heading out. reporting live from the stadium. >> purple pride is everywhere. you can share your pictures and videos with us. upload them to the website or try out app. >> players and fans are saying goodbye. the funeral for art modell is set for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and it will be held at baltimore hebrew congregations. he was very supportive member of
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the synagogue. the rabbi says his life and his contributions will be focused on tomorrow. >> the jewish tradition teaches us our funerals of the same matter who we are, nationally famous or someone who lived a quiet life. art would want the same. >> tomorrow's funeral will be carried live. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. to watch the service, you can find us on the air at 11-2 or channel for 60. >> the opener will feature a special guest. michael phelps will serve as honorary team captain. they received a special welcome home ceremony downtown and that is where we find lowell mel zer.
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>> this place was packed at the amphitheater a couple of hours ago where there were honoring michael phelps along with other 2012 olympic and paralympic athletes. the pomp and circumstance was fell down here. you had all branches of government from baltimore county and baltimore city. he said he was thankful that he was from baltimore and appreciated how great the fans were and have been to him over his career in swimming. we caught up with him earlier at the underarmour headquarters to ask him about retirement. next everything that went on to my career have not really hit me fully yet. the biggest thing now is if unable to do anything i wanted to do. that is the most important thing. that is the biggest thing i wanted to do what i retired.
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>> this event ended after 5:00 p.m. and it is emptied out pretty quickly as we saw. a lot of jersey's here. the made the short walk over to m & t bank stadium. >> gary giordano accused of killing his travel partner in orbit is being sued by federal express. the lawsuit seeks to avoid a travel insurance policy but -- he took out before it went on their trip. he was released due to lack of evidence. the suit says the policy is void because there were not married, not related, not business partners and accuses him of lying on insurance forms by identifying ms. gardner as his partner. he already sued to collect the
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policy were $3.50 million. twicedy rose anden is in a state election. she was registered to vote in both states which is a clear violation of maryland law. it has been discovered that she voted in the presidential primaries in maryland. >> there is more ahead. >> congress gets back to work but how much more will they get done? the story is next. >> new season against an old and familiar pala -- opponent. that is next in sports. >> high pressure building in and a great 7-forecast.
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rob daniels and donna hamilton, your insta-weatherplus forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 sports director gerry sandusky. wbal tv 11 news
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>> summer vacation is over for lawmakers. >> lawmakers will be in session for the next week or two which means there's little time to get things done. the house and senate were back in order. returning to work after a five- week recess but there was no break in party politics. >> this does not work with medicare or with this tax plan. >> the focus is that governor romney will return us to the same failed policies. >> expect more of the same. >> this week will see a lot of political rhetoric on the house and senate floors, try to make the case that their party has the better plan for the economy, for jobs and france, for what ever.
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anything to give them the edge. >> what about action? >> the big issue of its funding the government beyond september 30.
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how are college graduates beginning to pay this off? we go after the biggest private lung company around. -- funding company around. >> she just did not know it would come calling so
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aggressively, she said. >> they have, we will give all this money. the basically treelike, they are coming -- treelike their loan sharks -- treat you like they are loan sharks. the loan totalled $146,000. >> you feel like you have been bullied. >> yes. >> digging out of student dead and avoiding the trap and what happened to this local woman when the i-team steps in. >> just in time for the kick off , a hint of fall. we were 64 in downtown baltimore. bwi marshall at 59a.
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loo -- a look at westminster and york. in western maryland it will go down to the 30's. 75 for the high. the low below average at 60. the record high was in 1983. it looks like tomorrow morning closing record of 43 measured at the airport will be safe. some of the suburbs made it down that low because the skies remained unclear and the winds will be light and the atmosphere is dry. mountains now, 70's around town. in downtown baltimore, 60's and a clear sky. 44 in the coolest ballets by
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daybreak and 57 at the inner harbor with light winds. this has cleared the skies into eastern canada and down to the gulf. the sprawling area of high pressure that will convert to new to control the weather. no disturbance coming our way for several days. sunny skies tomorrow. 79 before -- 74 to degrees. sun set at 7:21 p.m. it water temperatures in the upper 70's to around 80. 30's in the morning in the mountains. warming to the upper 60's tomorrow. eastern shore locations, interior sections could be in the upper 40's. daytime temperatures are comfortable. same thing at ocean city. cool at night and sunny and mild
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during the day. spectacular late summer weather. two storms that we're tracking, hurricane michael and leslie. those are continuing to move north. this could be tropical storm nadine. high pressure produces clear skies and sundays. >> this is 11 sports. >> the wait finally ends for the ravens as they get to kick off tonight. against their rivals, the cincinnati bengals and the ravens are looking to begin with the help will be a fifth consecutive season.
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they beat the bengals and locked up the home field advantage. their first-ever monday night football game at home under the head coach. we will see an offense that looks different than it did a year ago. in two games, rice ran for 295 had touchdowns of 71 and 51 yards. they have stretched out the offense. joe flacco during the ball more than last season. we expect a season huddle. we hope to see them get out against the bengals. >> we hope for fast start.
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that is one of the expectations. in mcateer 1's mind we want to be a great team that can finish. those are the expectations and there is a lot of things in between mr. fast and you wain more than you lose. this is a tribute to art modell. there is a black circle outlined in white. the ravens and players continue to pay tribute as thousands of fans turned out to say goodbye to the man who brought football
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and the superbowl bet to baltimore. this is a chance to not only say goodbye to art modell but to say hello to the future. >> it is an emotional to lose somebody, the only reason i am in baltimore is because of him. any time you can leave a legacy like that, we should not mourn. we should be celebrating him because he is one of the most awesome and i have met in my life. >> art modell very much on the minds of players and fans as they make their way to the 2012 season tonight. this is the night we will see enormous emotional swings. we saw one as michael phelps made his way out of the field
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and the fans erupted in cheers. the ravens kick off the 2012 season and it will do it at 7:00 p.m. the orioles have the night off. they welcome the tampa bay rays tomorrow. the ravens will try to kick this off with a win. we're kicking enough for a spectacular weather. tom tasselmyer is back to lotus notes he can string this weather throughout the weekend. -- let us know if he can string of the weather throughout the weekend.
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x residents say they're worried that the county's program is using poison that could harm children and pets. how did the ravens fare at the season opener? those stories an
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>> we call these chamber of commerce days. >> it is beautiful about way and it will stay that way through a workweek. if you hike, and clouds coming in thursday and friday. mild days and cool nights. a better chance for storms on sunday and clearing up by monday. >> looks good. that is a look at the news. thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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